Our Favorite Peeps

Local Strumming Groups: Check our calendar for the most up to date list of what’s going on when and where.

Other local peeps we like:

  • Our Favorite Local Pro: Stuart Yoshida’s OokTown
  • Our Other Favorite Local Pro: Danielle Anderson
  • Lakewood Cultural Center: We are honored and thrilled to be associated with the city of Lakewood, Colorado,
    and the Lakewood Cultural Center.
  • Historic Grant Avenue: These guys are changing the future of artistry in Denver. Check ’em out.
  • The Bug Theatre: The Bug is home to Denver’s cutting edge art, theater, films, and other stuff that will make you think so hard you’ll hurt your head.
  • 40 West Arts: 40 West Arts is revitalizing the Colfax area with arts, theater, music, and general mayhem. They don’t even think we’re weird.

Ukulele Friendly Places in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Musicians and Artists Making a Difference
Ukulele Musicians Further Afield
Some Denver Peeps who “Get Us”
Who are we forgetting? Tell Us HERE.