Learn to Play

So you bought a ukulele, now what???

You have come to the right place.

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra offers the most options at better prices than anyplace else. Don’t be confused by our rates … our programs are WORLD CLASS and if you live near Denver you have access to the most advanced community ukulele program on Earth. (We’re not messing around with this!)

We’re teaching a zillion classes weekly and they’re super cheap (on purpose)! For less money than a good lunch, you’ll normally get a couple hours of music education you can take home and turn into magic … and seriously, we’ll make you a great player if you’ll practice a teeny bit. We’ve been doing this a long time and have a system that works. Pick a way that is most comfortable for you to learn and we’ll rawk your socks off together. It will lead you to headlining (probably) at Red Rocks.

Online Classroom:

Go to https://jollyrogerukulele.com

The Orchestra


Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra: Meets Mondays at 6 pm in the northeast basement at GMUMC. All the information you need is on our home page. If you’re brand new to ukulele, be aware this is the “advanced” class, and it might be wise to take an “introduction” group class (listed below) prior to joining the orchestra … we’re thinking of your sanity here.

  • No Registration Required. Mondays 6 – 8:30 pm. (Do not show up earilier than 6 pm.)
  • Check our complete-ish calendar to make sure it’s not an “OFF” week.
  • GMUMC is located at 12755 West Cedar Drive, Lakewood, CO 80228
  • Enter the building through the basement door on the northeast corner.
  • There is a $5 weekly facilities fee and $25 dues each semester (spring and fall).
  • Scholarships for dues and fees may be available to you. Just ask.

Group Ukulele Classes

Six Week Introduction to Ukulele Classes at  Lakewood Cultural Center: We started in Lakewood and we’re still being supported by the Lakewood Cultural Center’s willingness to tolerate way too many ukulele-ists! Registration for LCC classes is at (303) 987-7845. In addition to the course fee, there is a one-time fee of $10 for the textbook payable to the instructor. Here’s a link to the current classes in Lakewood.

  • See our Calendar to find the next starting date.

Free Library Classes Around the State

  • Classes for the coming year will be posted as we schedule them.
  • Some of them can be found on our Calendar page right now.

Workshops at YOUR Location

  • We offer ukulele team-building workshops and ukulele camps for kids and adults all over Colorado. If you’ve fallen in love with the ukulele, you can bet there are others at your workplace or in your community that would love to join you in the fun. Times, locations, and fees are all negotiable, so drop us an email and let us know what your big idea sounds like and we can help you turn it into ukulele magic. Email: info@ukuleleorchestra.org

Private Lessons

You can book ukulele and guitar lessons with Gary Jugert (the RMUO founder and conductor). Most lessons are held either in Lakewood or downtown Denver. Rates are $20 per half hour. If we do some system you’re thinking up, or found on the internet, or involves strumming modern songs from bands we’ve never heard of, or we need to travel to your location, it’ll be more. If you want to book a small group, it’s $10 per person and you bring the instructor an iced latte (with an extra shot). Seem fair?!

We have several other certified teachers and we also know a number of teachers who teach other instruments and have a different fee structure. You can contact us directly to chat about your goals arrange a time at garyjugert@yahoo.com or by calling 303-984-0777. If you want a head start, go look at some of the quality tools on our FUN! page.


So let’s talk: Yeah, we know you think learning for free from YouTube is gonna work. We’d like for it to work too. There are some wonderful teachers and amazing lessons there. But let’s get real for just a moment. Those teachers can’t see the crazy weird habits you’re developing accidentally and they can’t fix you. So be brave and come around and let us check to make sure you’re on the right path. Every month we meet people who need a little bit of adjustment and encouragement after their romp through YouTube. The sooner you get face to face with other musicians of all levels, the sooner you’ll be making real musical progress. We’re pretty nice people … except for the weirdos.

The other (perhaps more dangerous) thing you’ll encounter in our fair city are surprisingly expensive “ukulele teachers” popping up these days. Ask a lot of questions before spending weeks or months (and hundreds of bones) with a guitar teacher who’s only doing this until the band’s album hits the charts. If his main line is teaching guitar, maybe you should take guitar lessons from him … not ukulele. We also know the temptation to believe expensive classes, or those given by “famous” musicians, are going to help you more. They might … and we hope they do … but in our experience, if you’re looking for more than singing and strumming and the opportunity for a fun social event and a selfie with your favorite artist, you might have better ways to spend your time and money.


Locations & Organizations:

  • GMUMC: Green Mountain United Methodist: 12755 W Cedar Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228
    Enter through basement door on the north east corner.
    Call (303) 984-0777 to register for information about GMUMC events.
  • World Headquarters: Historic Grant Avenue: 216 S Grant St, Denver, CO 80209
    Enter through south door under the maroon awning.
    Call (303) 984-0777 to register for activities happening at Grant Street.
  • LCC: Lakewood Cultural Center: 470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226
    Lots of parking in the parking garage. Enter any way you can.

    Call (303) 987-7845 to register for activities happening at LCC.
  • Libraries: For free library classes, contact the library to register. Loaner ukes are available.
  • DUC = Denver Ukulele Community meets at Swallow Hill in Denver.
  • BUG = Boulder Ukulele Group meets in Boulder.


ONE-DAY WORKSHOP: These are offered only by request, and usually held someplace crazy! You should come to a one-day workshop if you’re new to your instrument. We will focus on buying and tuning choices, strumming techniques, basic chord shapes, reading tablature and playing melody lines. We’ll even learn how to combine chords and melody so you’ll sound like a professional.

INTRODUCTION TO UKULELE: No previous experience required. These six-week workshops are an in-depth exploration of the ukulele and focused around your needs whether you are new to music or have been playing another instrument for a long time. We’ll get straight to sheet music, music theory, combining melody and harmony, building your repertoire, composing in major keys, and developing your performance skills. Our conductor Gary Jugert is certified Level 1 in James Hill’s method and we use lots of his ideas to make the education both fun and effective.

WANT MORE UKE? We’ve got lots of specialty classes like Tin Pan Alley, Broadway show tunes, Cowboy and Western songs, Hawaiian and Island music, Jazz, Disney, and Holiday (er, Christmas) favorites. It’s for players who want to focus on improving their solo playing skills. The topic changes based on community needs, so e-mail us to find out what’s happening next.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN UKULELE ORCHESTRA: We meet Monday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at GMUMC. This group is for ukulele players of all backgrounds from anywhere in the metro area who are ready to work on advanced material and take their playing to the highest levels. Seriously, this is where the big-time real-deal is happening. We’re doing stuff nobody else on the planet is tackling. It’s $5 each week and there is a $25 membership fee each semester. Please contact us before showing up so we can chat a little about what we have going on these days and prepare you to join the most important band in ukulele-dom.

SUMMER INSTITUTE: We promise this is the best thing going ukulele-wise during the summer. Each year the topics change and your ability to rawk will roll.

All of our classes will encourage you to seek out next steps toward becoming more musically proficient, will make you more aware of musical resources in our community, and bring peace, joy and harmony to others who see you wielding your mighty instrument. We’re focused on delivering way more than you’d expect for such a tiny fee. Please be in contact with us, come join us for a class, and bring a friend too.

Send an e-mail to info@ukuleleorchestra.org if you have questions.


And for something MUCH bigger:


Finally! Play the extra-large 6-string ukulele using chord-melody finger-style technique along with classical and folk techniques on the acoustic guitar. We have a fun, inexpensive, and unique way for you to become a pretty groovin’ guitar guru. It’s the only (we think) place in town where guitarists can get together to play on a weekly basis and not worry about their skill level … and we promise no self-important guitar nerd will take over and make you wanna die. We’re NOT recommended for players looking for an open-mic environment to dazzle others with the three songs you learned ten years ago. All the info is HERE.


History of our classes:

2018 and 2019 have been a little crazy. We’ll post a retrospective when we put down our ukes … i.e., much later.


  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Jan 9-May 22
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Jan 11-Feb 15 (two sections!)
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Feb 22-Mar 29
  • Bear Valley Library: Mar 4 & 11
  • Park Hill Library: Mar 18 & 25
  • Cowboy Ukulele: Apr 5-Apr 26
  • Parker Library Hobby Speed Dating: April 5
  • Evergreen Library: April 8
  • Golden Library: April 27
  • Danielle Anderson Songwriting Workshop: June 20
  • 50/90 Songwriter’s Kickoff Party: July 5
  • Jumping Flea Arpeggiator Workshop: July 11
  • Bar Chords on the Ukulele Class: July 12
  • Intro to Ukulele BLITZ: July 17-22
  • Beginning Music Theory: July 18
  • Ukulele Strumming Patterns with Debbie Turner: July 19
  • Park Hill Library: July 22 & 29
  • Belmar Library: Aug 5
  • Introduction to Ukulele: July 24-Aug 28
  • Sheet Music for Stringed Instrument Players: July 25
  • Memorize ONE Song: July 26
  • Intro to Ukulele Early Morning Edition: July 31-Aug 28
  • Ukulele Classic Songs: Aug 1-2
  • Performing Live with Marnie Ward: Aug 8
  • String Changing Workshop: Aug 9
  • Arranging for Duets: Aug 15-16
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Sept 7-Oct 12 (two sections)
  • Guitar Orchestra Level 1: Sept 13-Oct 4
  • Bear Valley Library: Sept 23 & 30
  • Guitar Orchestra Level 1: Oct 11-Nov 1
  • Guitar Orchestra Level 2: Oct 11-Nov 1
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Oct 19-Nov 30
  • Golden Library: Nov 16
  • Christmas on the Guitar: Nov 29-Dec 20
  • Christmas on the Ukulele: Dec 7-Dec 21


  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Jan 5-May 17
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Jan 25-Mar 7
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Mar 14-Apr 18
  • Tin Pan Alley for Ukulele: Apr 25-May 16
  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Jun 6-Aug 22
  • Summer Institute: Jul 5-Aug 30
  • Library Series at Park Hill: Sept 3-24
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Sept 7-Oct 12
  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Sept 12-Dec 19
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Oct 19-Nov 30 (No class Nov. 23)
  • Christmas on the Ukulele: Dec 7-Dec 21


  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Jan 12-May 18
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Jan 28-Mar 4
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Mar 11-Apr 15
  • Ukulele Jazz: Apr 22-May 13
  • Drop in Evening Guitar: Sep 8-Dec 15
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Sep 14-Oct 19
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Oct 26-Nov 30
  • Ukulele Christmas: Dec 7-Dec 21


  • Ukulele One-Day Workshop: Jan 22
  • Guitar Jan 25-Feb 15
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Jan 29-Mar 5
  • Saturday Ukulele 1-day Workshop: Mar 8
  • Introduction to Ukulele: Mar 12-Apr 16
  • Guitar: Mar 15-Apr 5
  • Cowboy Ukulele: Apr 23-May 14
  • Ukulele Intro: Jun 11-July 16
  • Ukulele Hawaiian: July 23-Aug 13
  • Ukulele One-Night Workshop: Oct 1
  • Ukulele Intro: Oct 8-Nov 12
  • Guitar One-Night Workshop: Oct 13
  • Guitar Four-Week Intro: Oct 20-Nov 10
  • Ukulele Christmas: Nov 19-Dec 17


  • One Day Workshop: Jan 26
  • Intro to Ukulele: Jan 30-Mar 6
  • One Day Workshop: Mar 9
  • Intro to Ukulele: Mar 13-Apr 17
  • Broadway Show Tunes: Apr 24-May 15
  • One Day Workshop: June 5
  • Intro to Ukulele: Jun 12-Jul 17
  • One Day Workshop: July 20
  • One Day Workshop: Sep 14
  • Intro to Ukulele: Sep 18-Oct 23
  • Guitar Workshop: Oct 19
  • Intro to Guitar: Nov 2-23
  • Ukulele Christmas: Nov 13-Dec 11


  • Jan 28: One Day Workshop
  • Feb 2: One Day Workshop
  • Feb 4-Mar 8: Six Week Intro
  • Mar 10: One Day Workshop
  • Mar 15-Apr 19: Six Week Intro
  • March 18: Ukulele Orchestra
  • Apr 25-May 16: Want More Uke
  • Jun 6: One Day Workshop
  • Jun13-Jul 25: Six Week Intro
  • Jul 21: One Day Workshop
  • Sep 8: One Day Workshop
  • Sep 19-Oct 24: Six Week Intro
  • Oct 6: One Day Workshop
  • Nov 7-Nov 28: Holiday Favorites
Back in the day I wanted to use this image in a poster for one of our concerts and the crew said NO! So I’ve posted it here. In yer face plinkity plink.