Learn to Play

So you bought a ukulele, now what???

We teach zillions of classes and they’re super cheap (on purpose)! We’ll make you a great player if you’ll practice a teeny bit and keep showing up. We’ve been doing this a long time and have a system that works. Pick a way that is most comfortable for you to learn and we’ll rawk your socks off together. It will lead you to headlining (probably) at Red Rocks.

You have come to the right place.

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra offers the most options at better prices than anyplace else. Don’t be confused by our rates … our programs are WORLD CLASS and if you live near Denver you have access to the most advanced community ukulele program on Earth. (We’re not messing around with this!)

Whether you’re new to music or the ukulele, or if you’ve been playing awhile, you’re gonna need to get on the same wavelength with us. We have a daring plan to dominate the known universe and tackling the orchestra without some background can easily overwhelm even the hardiest of souls. Please head over to Jolly Roger Ukulele to get the latest details and skills you’ll need to be successful.

We will teach you to survive a large orchestra, encourage you to play with smaller groups, and even become a legendary soloist if you wanna put in the work.

Weekday Ukulele, Baritone, Harmonica and Guitar:

Check out our offerings at Jolly Roger Ukulele.

Workshops at YOUR Location:

  • We offer ukulele team-building workshops and ukulele camps for kids and adults all over Colorado. If you’ve fallen in love with the ukulele, you can bet there are others at your workplace or in your community that would love to join you in the fun. Times, locations, and fees are all negotiable, so drop us an email and let us know what your big idea sounds like and we can help you turn it into ukulele magic. Email: info@ukuleleorchestra.org

Private Lessons

Locations & Organizations:

  • GMUMC: Green Mountain United Methodist: 12755 W Cedar Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228 Enter through basement door on the north east corner. Call (303) 984-0777 to register for information about GMUMC events.
  • World (Domination) Headquarters: Historic Grant Avenue: 216 S Grant St, Denver, CO 80209 Enter through south door under the maroon awning. Call (303) 984-0777 to register for activities happening at Grant Street.
  • LCC: Lakewood Cultural Center: 470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226 Lots of parking in the parking garage. Enter any way you can. Call (303) 987-7845 to register for activities happening at LCC.
  • Libraries: For free library classes, contact the library to register. Loaner ukes are available.
  • DUC = Denver Ukulele Community meets at Swallow Hill in Denver.
  • BUG = Boulder Ukulele Group meets in Boulder.
Back in the day I wanted to use this image in a poster for one of our concerts and the crew said NO! So I’ve posted it here. In yer face plinkity plink.