Come to a Concert!
Broadway Show Tunes


We’re ready for two fun shows featuring dozens of ukuleles and Broadway show tunes. Some are familiar, some are obscure, a couple are kinda … well … uh … you know Broadway-ish-y, and a couple are pretty darn good. Our entire show is arranged and performed by community ukulele players of all ability levels and we usually have a heck of a good (weird) time bringing so much four-stringed love into one place. You will have a complicated story to tell the next day, and we’re family friendly so it’s safe to bring the kids and you’ll still be in bed at a reasonable hour.

Our Grant Street Historic Concert in Denver concert will be Saturday May 21, 2022 at 2 pm:
This is a FREE show (but we’ll bug you for a donation). Doors open at 1:30 pm. General seating.
Address is at 216 South Grant Street, 80209

Link to watch the concert via YouTube will appear HERE shortly before the concert begins at 2 pm.

If you are playing with us in the concert, swing by Jolly Roger to grab the Zoom link.

Join our mission to take over the universe one ukulele player at a time.  More info?

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Our Traveling Ensemble


The FLEAS! It should come as no surprise we have a small group of maniacs in our orchestra who actually practice, play a more advanced repertoire, and are generally gah-gah for ukulele. If you have an event where some of the best ukulele performers in Denver might make for a fun time, the Fleas are your team. Drop us a line as early as possible and we’ll start a conversation with you about event details. More info is HERE.

Orchestra Mission

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to arranging a diverse rehearsed music repertoire for solo and ensemble performance in an educational atmosphere. We promote introductory and advanced music development using the ukulele as our principal instrument. We nurture beginning ukulele players as well as composers, advanced performers, and teachers, and we actively encourage community involvement to promote music education for everyone.

Thanks To

The Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra thanks Jim Olson (the dude with the vision to give this a try way back in 2011 when ukulele wasn’t hip), Kelly Graham, Susan Martin, Nathalie Renfroe, Tim Hoffman, John Jungerberg and the rest of the staff with the City of Lakewood’s Heritage, Culture and the Arts division from the old days and the new. They’ve helped us with a place to call home, creating a wonderful environment for teaching and learning music. As we’ve grown, we’ve enjoyed and appreciated the staffs at Washington Heights, Lakewood Cultural Center, Clements Community Center, Historic Grant Avenue, and Green Mountain United Methodist church. A lot of people have tolerated us over the years … thank you!