Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra

Bring your ukulele and come play with us!


OMG! Tickets for Our May Concert are SOLD OUT! šŸ™

There is a remote chance there may be a few random seats available … go check by clicking HERE!
  • Your next best opportunity is to come see us FREE! We’ll be playing Doors Open Denver at the Historic Grant Avenue Theatre at 216 S Grant St in Denver on April 29th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm!
  • Also, come have breakfast with us and help raise funds to continue our educational outreach program at our Flapjack Fundraiser April 30th at Applebee’s on West Colfax from 7:30-9:30 am.

A Word about Joining Our Merry Band


We are officially full for the spring concert, so if you’d like to join us we would recommend you join us for Ukulele Summer Institute. Join our Facebook pages or our Twitter feed to stay current on all the cool stuff and be sure to check our Calendar and Learn to Play pages here on this site.

As for the future:

We meet on Tuesday nights. This will change to Monday nights beginning Summer 2017 and we will change locations to a bigger space. Check the Calendar link up above to make sure we’re not on an “off” week. From 6:30 pm until 6:55 pm, we’ll work on new-member pieces less likely to ruin your life and will help you become acclimated to our daring plan to take over the world. Then, the full orchestra (which you’ll be joining too) meets from 7 to 8:30 pm to continue our assault on brilliance. We will teach you to survive a large orchestra, encourage you to play with small groups like duets, trios and other assortments of rascals, and even become a legendary soloist if you wanna put in the work. Please arrive 15 minutes early to set up. We want to be taking advantage of every possible second, so you need to be in your seat and ready. Plan to stay a few minutes afterward to clean up. We have lots of chairs and tables that require strong backs and compliant minds to stow away each week.

Contact: info@ukuleleorchestra.org before showing up! On your first time, please arrive by 6:15 p.m.

Rehearsals are held at:
Clements Center
1580 Yarrow Street
Lakewood, CO 80214

Near Colfax and Wadsworth
Here’s a MAP

Stuff You’ll Need to Own: Ukulele. Tuner. A pencil. Music stand (black). Music stand light (also black). Three ring binder with hard backing (very black). Kazoo (any color). You can buy all of this stuff from us when you come to rehearsal.

Fee: There is a weekly $5 fee to use the facilities. (Please bring exact change.) There are also annual dues of $40 per person (payable quarterly) to keep your name on our active RMUO mailing list.

Skills: Unlike most modern orchestras, we embrace all ability levels, so don’t be shy. Come join us. If you are a newer player, plan to work hard to learn your chords and to read tablature. If you’re new to music, ukulele, or reading tablature, it will be wise to take our Introduction to Ukulele class on our Learn to Play page. If you are an experienced player, plan to be a soloist, a leader, a teacher, and an inspiration to the rest of us.

Orchestra Expectations:

  • Attend regularly scheduled rehearsals. We know you’ll miss some — you have a life, right? — but please be communicative about when you’ll be gone so we don’t send out an Amber alert.
  • Attend and perform at events listed on the orchestra’s calendar.
  • Follow dress codes created for each performance.
  • Members under 16 years old must bring a supportive adult at least until we confirm they’re indeed full of rock ‘n’ roll and we’re not acting as your babysitter.
  • Pay required fees for participation.
  • Own a quality ukulele. Be prepared to work to acquire mad skills.
  • Practice at homeĀ to ensure mastery of materials.
  • Conduct oneself in a manner to promote the interests of the orchestra.
  • Assist in fundraising, repertoire development, and equipment management.

Orchestra Mission:

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to arranging a diverse rehearsed music repertoire for solo and ensemble performance in an educational atmosphere. We promote introductory and advanced music development using the ukulele as our principal instrument. We nurture beginning ukulele players as well as composers, advanced performers, and teachers, and we actively encourage community involvement to promote music education for everyone.

Thanks To:

The Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra thanks Jim Olson (the dude with the vision to give this a try way back in 2012 when ukulele wasn’t hip), Kelly Graham, Susan Martin, Nathalie Renfroe, Tim Hoffman and the rest of the staff with the City of Lakewood’s Heritage, Culture and the Arts division. They’ve helped us with a place to call home, creating a wonderful environment for teaching and learning music, storing our weird noise-making apparati, making us sound way better than we probably are, and providing us with endless amounts of love and support. We’ve outgrown Washington Heights and Lakewood Cultural Center and are now supported by the fun staffs at Clements Community Center and Historic Grant Avenue. A lot of people have tolerated us over the years … thank you!