Prospective Teachers

Are you ready to start teaching ukulele and are seeking out tools to help you be successful? We have a fully developed curriculum and a teacher’s certification program to help you be successful teaching anybody between 12 and 112 years old. If you are already teaching music, we can help you include the ukulele into what you’re already doing without sacrificing any of the traditional educational paradigms. Our teacher trainers are ready to introduce you to the revolution we’ve begun in the standard classroom, in community instruction, in private lessons, and even in the workplace where team building and stress management are a perfect match for the ukulele.

Need a Teacher?

Are you looking for a teacher to help you (or your child, or your friend, or your brother-in-law, or your worst enemy) become the rawk star the ukulele world is clamoring for? Start by reading our “Learn to Play” page first, or by calling us directly at 303-984-0777. We have lots of programs and opportunities and teachers looking to help you get started on an amazing musical journey.

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Teacher’s Consortium

Private forum login is here: https://ukuleleorchestra.org/teachers