Summer Institute for 2018 Posted!

hulastatueSummer Institute for 2018 is posted and we’re not taking it back. Clear your calendar, forget those jaunty walks through the Colorado wilderness, tell your family to cancel their long-awaited trip to the Outer Hebrides, notify your beer-swilling compatriots you’ll be missing from the ale house while you rawk so hard.

Every week we’re going to focus on songs from the seas, or songs we think oughta be played by the sea, or songs that have nothing to do with the seas at all, but we’ll keep a water bottle nearby and a Hawaiian shirt at the ready.

Then each week, there will be a main topic where we focus on drilling one particular skill to make you a better player and a ukulele guru.

This is our third epic Summer Institute and we think we’re about to get it right. After reading the novel-length program description, drop us a line at, or a text at 303-984-0777, or even call us (but you’ll probably get voicemail … we’re out playing ukulele at the moment).

We’d love to see your beautiful face, what’s left of your ukulele, and the glass you’re planning to use for your margaritas. Come play badly with us all summer and have a laugh or two. You might even end up being a famous rock star. Probably not, you’re not that good looking, but you might end up having a good time doing something a little crazy.

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