Online Ukulele Classroom

Why the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra

What to Buy / Where to Shop

Tuning Your Ukulele

Holding Your Ukulele

Frere Jacques

Three Blind Mice

My Spaghetti Monster

Happy Birthday

Where to go next?

If you’re an ukulele player:

  • You’re probably going to waste huge amounts of time chasing around the internet looking for a playable version of your current favorite song … while not knowing whether you have the proper skill set in your ukulele toolbox to be successful.
  • You probably don’t have a qualified ukulele teacher nearby and will end up using a local music teacher who specializes in a different instrument.
  • You’ll turn to YouTube where they can’t see what you’re doing.
  • You’ll buy books that have been written by the big names in publishing and music assuming they must be good.
  • You’ll get advice from unqualified players you meet around town.
  • You’ll go drop a huge fee on other online programs.
  • You might even give up in exasperation having never received any proper instruction.

Don’t do any of that stuff. This video series is designed to solve those problems. It’s works. It’s also designed to solve another problem you didn’t know you have. You need to be able to teach the next person the proper way to build a ukulele skill set.

Let’s get going.

These videos are short (!) and arranged sequentially and you should only proceed when you’ve mastered the material in a previous video.