Global Exclusive!! Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra Golf Pencils


Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra Golf Pencils

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With this mighty sword, you can reduce your golf score, make brilliant comments on your music score, remind people that out there on this planet there are people taking the ukulele seriously in order to even the score, and stab somebody while yelling “lead poisoning!” and leaving a permanent scar. (Please don’t do that last thing, it’s mean, it hurts, and you’ll end up in jail.) Don’t try to buy this from our website since they’re local pick-up only, but you should bring us a quarter and bring your ukulele and come join us for a rehearsal. I bet if you’re nice enough, somebody in the orchestra will find a way to get you one of these highly sought after keepsakes for an even more astonishing price. Ka-peesch?


Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra Golf Pencils with emblazoned on the side as if you’d ever forget this amazing website! For local pickup only. Bring us a quarter and we’ll hook you up.