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Holy Schmoly!

Free Ukulele music!

Yes, you can steal any of this stuff. It's awesome too.


Large Ensemble Arrangements


Minuet Suite by Christian Petzold
formerly attributed to J.S. Bach


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Pavane Op. 50 by Gabriel Faure




For Solo Performance

Gary's Jumping Flea Arpeggiator

Etudes for solo ukulele ~ You need to have this book!


The Internationale (Zombie-fied)
The Zombie Killer International Anthem

Sheet Music

Sound File



For Getting Serious

Practice Log

"TuffUke" Tablature Blank




Ukulele Songbooks from Ages Gone By:

Original Method and Self Instructor on the Ukulele
by A.A. Santos and Angeline F. Nunes
Copyright 1915 Hawaii
For DGBD Tuning!

The Original Guckert's Chords for the Ukulele at Sight
by E.N. Guckert. Published by Buegeleisen and Jacobson.
Copyright 1917 New York, New York
Without Notes or Teacher (phew!) for GCEA Tuning

Kamiki Ukulele Method
Published by the William J. Smith Company, New York
Copyright 1917
Lots of old Hawaiian stuff in ADF#B Tuning

A Practical Method for Self Instruction
Written by N.B. Bailey
Published by Sherman Clay and Company
Copyright 1914, San Francisco
For GCEA Tuning

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