Our Favorite Peeps

  • Denver Ukulele Community: Denver Ukulele Community meets at Swallow Hill on the third and fifth Saturday of every month.
  • Our Favorite Local Pro: Stuart Yoshida’s OokTown
  • Boulder: Boulder Ukulele Group meets the second Saturday of every month.
  • Arvada: Arvada Ukulele Group
  • Fort Collins: Fort Collins Ukulele Group
  • Lakewood Cultural Center: We are honored and thrilled to be associated with the city of Lakewood, Colorado,
    and the Lakewood Cultural Center.
  • Historic Grant Avenue: These guys are changing the future of artistry in Denver. Check ’em out.
  • The Bug Theatre: The Bug is home to Denver’s cutting edge art, theater, films, and other stuff that will make you think so hard you’ll hurt your head.
  • 40 West Arts: 40 West Arts is revitalizing the Colfax area with arts, theater, music, and general mayhem. They don’t even think we’re weird.

Other Denver-metro Music Groups

Ukulele Friendly Places in Colorado